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<a href= target=_blank >Corduroy and Chambray</a>

Corduroy and Chambray

By xoblancxnoir I have a confession to make: I’m ready for summer to be over. As much as I love…

<a href= target=_blank >stepping out</a>

stepping out

By outandoutfit It is Monday but every day is Saturday for me right now so why not post a serious…

<a href= target=_blank >Sunday Best</a>

Sunday Best

By Preeti Today I’ve teamed up with Via::

<a href= target=_blank >Insta Lately</a>

Insta Lately

By Preeti Hello everybody and happy Friday! I had a crazy busy week (which I’m sure you can relate to),…

Parative Project

The bloggers of Thread Cincinnati have teamed up with the Parative Project to help raise awareness for their cause and…

<a href= target=_blank >striped dress</a>

striped dress

By outandoutfit Last week’s outfit posts followed a theme (maternity). Looks like this week’s also had a theme (stripes). But…

<a href= target=_blank >Summer Sundays</a>

Summer Sundays

By Preeti As the summer winds down, Mike and I wanted to make a trip to Via::

<a href= target=_blank >striped tee</a>

striped tee

By outandoutfit We’ve talked about this before, but I’m not a big cotton t-shirt wearer. However, I picked up this…