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<a href= target=_blank >Navy Culottes</a>

Navy Culottes

By Preeti I have been on the hunt for culottes that would flatter my 5’3″ body. I finally scored these…

<a href= target=_blank >layered without sleeves</a>

layered without sleeves

By outandoutfit The season is taking its turn, which means it is all coming off one by one. Recently, I…

<a href= target=_blank >Floral Crop Top + Melon Skirt</a>

Floral Crop Top + Melon Skirt

By Preeti I scored this top from Via::

<a href= target=_blank >Kentucky Derby Style</a>

Kentucky Derby Style

By Baubles to Bubbles As many of you may know, the 141st Kentucky Derby takes place this Saturday. I feel…

<a href= target=_blank >Geometric</a>


By Preeti I wore this outfit to a family birthday party (ok, lets be real, bar crawl) on Saturday night…

<a href= target=_blank >Pink & Checkered</a>

Pink & Checkered

By Baubles to Bubbles You could say that I like the color pink. I mean, I’m wearing it on my…

<a href= target=_blank >Fruit Cocktail</a>

Fruit Cocktail

By Preeti True life: it was raining while we took these pics! Ha #bloggerprobs. Anyway, I scored this fruity tank…

<a href= target=_blank >a big heart</a>

a big heart

By outandoutfit Hearts are still cool, right? I was obsessed when J.Crew came out with the heart Tippi CLICK HERE…